the pocket-bishounen peeji

per bon's email to me dated 9/28/02: er.. sadly to say *sniff* seems to be dead. it ceases to be. it slipped of the mortal coil. if it wasn't nailed to the perch it'd be pushing up the dasies! well, it was never nailed but... i thought you had the right to know cuz... any anime addict should know *wipes away a tear*

ok, i realize that the idea is a bit silly and just insanely cute, but i like cute! so, just deal with it! ((^_^))

i found this site through manille's letter to the seishi and well... caught a bunch of bishounen. so, i decided to create this peeji to display my present and future catches.


chichiri no aijin

i caught chichiri, no da! i caught kenshin! oro... i caught sanosuke!
i caught tasuki! i caught dark schneider! i caught mosquiton!
sore wa himitsu desu! i caught kusanagi! i caught aburatsubo!

i caught inu-yasha!